Is God Reckless?

I am with our worship creative team at a conference this week (they call them “creatives” here, a new sub-species of homo sapien in the last generation of church work, though I would argue the church has always had “creatives”…but I digress). Yesterday, we had a morning debate about the theological accuracy of saying God’s love is “reckless,” based on the lyrics of a popular Christian song we have yet to sing in worship at our church for that reason.

Then we got to start the morning in worship by hearing Matt Redman sing it.

Matt Redman

It was pretty great. And somehow, hearing him sing it convinced me: yes, God’s love is reckless. At least in my eyes and the eyes of the world.

Because the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God is so extravagant and radical that any other definition of love in comparison is no love at all.

Check out the lyrics; they’re awesome:

God knew us before we were formed. God had a plan for us before we took our first breath in this world. God gave me life before air filled my lungs!

And in His love, He called me, sought me, chose me. While I was still a sinner. While I was spiritually blind, dead, and His enemy. While I was by my nature a child of wrath. He chose me, and Jesus paid the price for me.

That doesn’t make sense. I didn’t earn it; I don’t deserve it.

This is love. Overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love.

Good Samaritan love.

Prodigal son love.

Undeserved love.

Steadfast love.

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