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Fun Fact: Born in January 1981, I am the first millennial (try to prove me wrong).

I am a Pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Bakersfield, California. I previously served at churches in Alexandria, Minnesota, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Raised on a farm in South Dakota, I earned a degree in Journalism at Concordia University in Nebraska, and then went on to Concordia Seminary in St. Louis (in the middle of that was a year-long internship in the Fargo, North Dakota – Moorhead, Minnesota “metro.”) If you’re counting at home, that’s 7 states.

I am passionate about the transformational power of the Word of God, about strengthening families and marriages, and about living life as a neighbor rather than on a pedestal. My small-town love of people, my desire to serve God with my life, and my thirst for new adventures and challenges led me into pastoral ministry. My biggest fear is that I would not live a meaningful life. Is that deep enough for ya?