Cultivating Thankfulness

There's a lesson you learn on a farm, especially a "dry land" farm. I grew up on a farm where we were almost completely at the mercy of God for each year's crops. If it was a cold, snowy winter, that meant we were late in getting the crop planted. If we had a late … Continue reading Cultivating Thankfulness

Radical Generosity

Self-Control + Contentment + Thankfulness + Grace = Generosity It's November...well, almost. Today, we will live in excess. Tomorrow, our children - and, let's be honest, our adults - will wake up with a candy hangover. We will take down the Halloween decorations, throw away the rotten pumpkins that were carved, and incorporate the non-carved … Continue reading Radical Generosity

I’m Learning to Listen to God: 4 Simple Ways

So you want to read your Bible. Well, maybe want to is too strong of a sentiment... So you know you should read your Bible. Not to mention, you feel guilty that you don't. And you feel guilty that you're a Christian who doesn't know enough. And you feel intimidated around other Christians who you're convinced know more. And you're … Continue reading I’m Learning to Listen to God: 4 Simple Ways