A gift for my firstborn

This has been a long time coming. In the spring of 2007, I heard a keynote address by Dr. Leonard Sweet, where he shared about how the Bible he used for preaching and teaching was one he was preparing to give to his children. At the time, we were about a trimester into my wife’s first pregnancy. The idea stuck.

img_2606In 2014, I bought a new Bible. The plan was to spend the next 3 years using that Bible, reading every book, chapter and verse at least once. I would underline important passages, and write personal notes in the margins. All the while, I would have my oldest son in mind. Then, on his 10th birthday, I would present it to this young man as a special, personal gift.

That was the plan. About a month before his 10th birthday, I placed my Bible on the roof of my car to strap our youngest in his car seat. That was the last I ever saw of it; I didn’t notice it was missing until the next day, and by then it was long gone.

Around his birthday, I explained what I had been doing and about how I had lost the Bible. We were driving in the car, and he was riding right next to me. I told him how I had even written him a note inside the front cover. He said, “It’s okay, Dad. You already gave me a Bible with a note in it.”

I had forgotten that I had done that. When he started 3rd grade, one of his school supplies was a Bible. He went on to say, “Every time I read that Bible, the first thing I do when I open it is to read your letter.” It got a little dusty in the car after that.

Anyway… I bought a new Bible. For the past 10 months, as I have been reading it, I have again been thinking of and praying for my firstborn. This one, too, has a letter (or two) in the front. And I’m ready to give it to him.

img_2607He may realize how much it means to me to be able to give him this gift…or he may not. After all, he’s only ten. Either way, it’s a joy for me to give it to him.

img_2608I already ordered my next Bible; this one will be for my only daughter. The pages will probably be all tear-stained; man, do I love that girl. After I give that one to her, I’ll start on one for our youngest. And if I run out of kids, maybe I’ll give them to some other important people in my life.

There is nothing like the Word of God. It is easier to move a mountain or part a sea than to change a heart, and God uses His Word to do just that every day.


8 thoughts on “A gift for my firstborn

  1. Thank you for your words and inspirations. I wish I had done this for our kids and even grandkids. Well, it may be an idea for our great grandkids! Keep up the good work, in God’s holy name.


  2. That is so beautiful Eric. You are a very inspirational person both and Church and outside of it. It is such a pleasure to have you in my life❤️


  3. Your devotion and love of God, our Father is overflowing in this most precious gift for Tate and in future your other children. Oh, that all children had such a gift.✝️


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