Jesus and Fro-yo Fridays?

Every Friday when I pick the kids up from school, they have the same question: “Is it fro-yo Friday?!” The answer isn’t always yes, but it is yes often enough that they know it’s worth asking.

Today was a fro-yo Friday. For a kid, it’s the ultimate in luxury: a frozen yogurt base and more topics than any one kid can eat (but they try).

I have a theory: sometime Christians are so serious about the work of the Gospel that they forget one of the most important evangelism tools – FUN. Who wants to be a part of a group where everyone takes themselves too seriously, is somber and quiet all the time, and is overall just…bland?

IMG_2985Here’s what Jesus said: “Let us eat and celebrate!”

Remember, this is the guy who kept the party going when the wine ran out too soon.

That doesn’t mean we’ll be good witnesses by being sloppy drunks or gluttons. It means there’s room for joy.

The joy of freedom from sin and guilt and shame.

The joy of community, of friends that are close like family.

The joy of music and laughter.

The joy of knowing Jesus.

I’ve had the conversation a few times with teenagers who weren’t sure they wanted to go to heaven, because it sounded kind of boring. I’m just saying, if the picture we’re painting of heaven is boring, we’re doing it wrong.

One more thing. You know Jesus was not boring. People loved being around Him. He was a storyteller. He was worth following. He surely kept things interesting, challenging the status quo.

What about us?

#redletterchallenge Day 11

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